The Club

On the 13th of february 2005 the formation of the Lagotto Romagnolo Club of the Netherlands( LRCN) became a fact.
I can imagine that you, as reader, wonder why- next to the already acknowledged club- it was necessary to found a second club.
The reason of this is situated in the circumstance that the initiators of the second club of the Lagotto Romagnolo could not agree with various aspects of the first club.
Anyhow the Dutch Kennelclub acknowledges only one club a breed at the moment; with the application no qualitative aspects or other guarantees are taken into account as a rule, but the principle counts: the first one who arrives there gets the prize!
In some of the bigger countries of Europe second breed clubs are already acknowledged. Perhaps the Dutch Kennelclub follows this example in the nearby future and then we have to go for it..

The essential points of our club are:

  • an accentuated breeding-policy
  • an independant register-keeper and independant pup-mediation
  • to avoid conflict of interest as much as possible
  • to deal seriously with critical members who think along

But apart from these important essential points this club stands for organising activities. In our opinion this strenghtens the bond between the members and gives them the opportunities to watch the many variations within the breed and exchange experencies.

Shortly: a club with eye for the interest and quality of the breed in the most broadly based sense of the word, with clear rules and an open ear and eye for her members.
Not only Lagotti-owners are welcome in our club. Also people with other waterdogs, for whom there is no club yet or people who do not feel at home with their own breedclub are heartily welcomed with us.


Are you interested? Please contact the present writer or one of the other members of the board of directors.


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