Selection starts at the basis.
You think: "What is this all about?"
We try to explain it to you: every breed knows its own specific health-problems.
Alas: the Lagotto Romagnolo is no exception.
By reports and facts- for instance from abroad- we can ascertain that the Lagotto Romagnolo also has some problems, in particular Hipdysplasy and Progressive Retina Atrophy/ Cataract.
Should we not intervene in time then we could see it happen that the health and well-being of the Lagotto Romagnolo is severely damaged and the consequences are incalculable !
We must not think about our dog being crippled or in pain because of hipdysplasy, or visually handicapped- or worse still: blinded- by an eye-disease......
The concept, selection starts at the basis, implies that dogs who are used to breed with, are tested before using them.
Hipdysplasy is tested by means of an X-ray photo and PRA/Cataract by means of an eye-test using the ophtalmoscope.Those are relatively simple tests, whose results allow us to shut out the sufferers and by doing so breed Lagotti as healthy as possible.
When all of us accept and also take our responsibility, it means we consider the health and well-being of our breed of paramount importance.


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