Objectives of the association LRCN.

  1. the maintenance and improvement of the breed Lagotto Romagnolo;
  2. the benefit of the health and well-being of the to this breed belonging dogs in general and- especially- to prevent and combat hereditary diseases within the breed;
  3. promoting the contact between breeders and lovers of the Lagotto Romagnolo.

She tries to achieve this by:

  1. arranging meetings and organizing lectures and courses;
  2. organizing courses, exams and matches in the field of working with dogs;
  3. organizing exhibitions;
  4. giving information about purchasing, holding, breeding and raising the Lagotto Romagnolo;
  5. make a masterplan to prevent hereditary diseases within the breed and take steps to execute this masterplan;
  6. holding the register of racially pure Lagotti Romagnolo;
  7. register research- results of the to the Lagotto Romagnolo belonging dogs concerning the presence of hereditary transmissible diseases as well as the possibility of passing on this tendency to their descendants, to achieve the goal that,for the purpose of a resposible breeding of the Lagotto Romagnolo, the results of this data-bank are supplied to a third party and be published;
  8. publishing a club-periodical;
  9. participating in the consultation within the organized cynology;
  10. all that can be instrumental in achieving these goals, as far as this does not act against the statutory stipulations, regulations and legal provisions of the Raad van Beheer..

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